Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Thomas Arvid Personal Appearance at Galeria del Mar

Please join us!

Thomas Arvid Personal Appearance
August 27 - August 28, 2010 (Fri. & Sat.)

Thomas Arvid has taken the art world by storm, with his larger than life, visually seductive, photorealistic paintings of wine, corks, bottles, bottle openers and stem ware. Arvid has achieved incredible success and national acclaim with his still life compositions of wine and the rituals that surround it. He has a talent for portraying light and color, uniting an eye for photo-realism with a genuine talent for abstract composition.

Arvid aficionados instinctively know why they are attracted to his unique style of photo realism and its larger-than-life composition. A quiet drama and pure elegance radiate from the canvas and speaks volumes about the wine. Arvid’s ability to portray texture, light, and mood are only exceeded by his innate understanding of what people love in their homes.

Call or email the gallery for more event information: 904-829-2120

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